Safety responsibility

For those who are not sure whether safety is an absolute priority in the workplace.

For those who are not sure whether safety is an absolute priority in any workplace.

This is just a small selection of safety prosecutions over the last 2 years in NSW and QLD.

This represents an endless account of severe human suffering and the resulting disastrous effect on business.

Good Safety is Good for People


Good Safety is Good for Business

Smart managers understand this.

Worker suffered partial amputation of fingers. Company fined $165,000

Worker sustained serious crush injury to arm. Company fined $50,000

Plumber suffered serious ankle injury using a circular saw. Company fined $25,000

Roof plumber fell 6 metres and died on the spot. Company fined $400,000

Mechanic suffered serious head injury. Company fined $375,000

Worker killed when he fell off a scaffold. Company fined $90,000

Worker killed when he fell off a truck he was helping to load. Company fined $300,000

Worker fatally crushed when brick wall collapsed. Company fined $500,000

Worker suffered serious chemical burns when changing flexible hose. Company fined $225,000, director fined $45,000

Carpenter killed when he fell and was impaled on reo bar. Company fined $450,000

3 Workers suffered fall injuries when crane collapsed. Company fined $390,000

Worker killed when electrical spark caused a flammable liquid to catch fire. Company fined $825,000

Scaffolder was seriously injured when scaffold collapsed. Company fined $225,000

Two cleaners suffered serious fall injuries when their BMU failed. Company fined $400,000

Worker killed when he fell from harvester travelling in reverse. Company fined $375,000

Worker killed when he fell 2.9 metres from roof. Company fined $405,000

Worker killed by collapsing corroded storage rack. Company fined $240,000

Four people killed in theme park when their raft collided. Company fined $3.6 million

Supervisor unsafely operating an excavator boom. Supervisor fined $3,000

Worker makes false statement to Regulator regarding license. Worker fined $500

Explosion at waste liquidtreatment plant kills worker. Company fined $800,000

Supervisor falsifies a worker’s competence card. Supervisor fined $3,000

Electrician installed unsafe wiring causing fatal electrocution. Electrician imprisoned for 7 years.

Worker crushed to death at car wrecking site. Company fined $3 million, Directors imprisoned for 10 months

Roofer falls 6 metres to his death. Director imprisoned for 1 year, Company fined $1 million

Failure to provide information regarding incident. Worker fined $10,000

Worker fatally crushed in raised scissor lift. Company fined $215,000

Worker fell into un-barricaded trench and was impaled on a steel bar. Company
fined $110,000

Worker fell 5.9 metres to his death. Company fined $1 million

Truck driver killed by load falling on him during forklift operation. Company fined $210,000

Don’t be part of these dreadful court statistics.

Talk safety with us.

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