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About this course

This under 2 hour Safety Committee refresher training is suitable for all States and Territories.  It reviews the main safety legislative requirements across Australia and then moves on to the key functions and activities a Safety Committee could be involved in.  The course also discusses key communication skills which will assist safety committee members in exercising their role.  The final topic is a real case study about a safety psychology program that achieved an instant, steep drop in incident rates.  After each topic, there is a short informal quiz.

Who should do this training?

This Safety Committee refresher course benefits employees who have either completed the full 1 day safety committee training or those who, due to business needs and requirements, want to have an abbreviated overview of legislative requirements, consultation and risk management concepts.

The course is suitable for:

  • Safety Committee members
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Those who require an abbreviated overview of WHS requirements in the workplace

Effective Safety Committees are a true asset to any organization and will assist in building better, more efficient businesses with improved legislative compliance.

Safety Committees are GOOD for business.

Course Fees

$279 pp for individual bookings.

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ISO 29993:2017

This course follows the content of our certified, ISO 29993:2017 aligned, 1 day Safety Committee course

Efficient Use of your Time

Up to 2 hrs 100% online

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Safety Committee Refresher training in ANY State or Territory

A Safety Committee is a team of  OHS – WHS leaders in the workplace, using their knowledge and skills to help create a safer work environment for all workers in the workplace.

Leading Safety Training has delivered this course to committee members in NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, NT, WA, SA & TAS.  Our Safety Committee refresher training ensures attendees fully understand their functions as committee members.

Participants can download a Safety Committee handbook relevant to their State or Teritory and, after completion of the quizzez, a Certificate of Training.

Safety Committee Refresher Training Topics

  Safety (OHS/WHS) Laws

The legal framework, duty holders & consultation under the various OHS/WHS Acts.


 Functions of Safety Committees

Legal functions of Health and Safety Committees and examples of how these can translate into actual activities in the workplace.


  Communication Skills

Meeting and presentation skills, problem-solving skills.



An overview of the legal requirements for consultation.

  Risk Management

Risk management process, Safety programs.


 Incident Investigation

Incident investigation tools and skills.


 Safety Psychology

How to reduce the riskiness of behaviours – review of a real-life case study that achieved an instant steep decline in incident rates.

Course Outcomes

  Course Duration

The course can be completed under two hours.
You will have 90 days access after the purchase date to complete the course.



Course quizzez are informal and include written/multiple-choice questions, risk management exercise.

  Course Handouts

Each participant can download course handbook relevant to their State/Territory.


  Course Certification

This course follows our third party certified (Exemplar Global) 1 day Safety Committee course .

What is ISO 29993:2017?

ISO 29993:2017 Learning services outside formal education – Service requirements, is an international standard published by the International Organization for Standardization or ISO.

Who is the International Organization for Standardization or ISO?

ISO is an independent, non governmental international organization with their head office in Geneva Switzerland. They have a worldwide membership of 164 standards organizations including Standards Australia.

Through its members, ISO brings together experts from all over the world to develop international standards.

ISO Standards are made by Industry for Industry.

The Safety Committee Refresher training Australian Workers Can Trust

At Leading Safety Training, we are avid about enhancing workplace health and safety standards and providing our expert knowledge to those keen to make a positive contribution to workplace safety.  We have developed our Safety Committee training to be relevant, engaging and second to none. Our Safety Committee program is world-class regarding education standards.   Our industry specialists have based this OHS – WHS course on practical real-world knowledge which can be applied immediately when participants return to their workplace.

Our training also has the additional advantage of being available throughout Australia and overseas.  You can access this Safety Committee refresher training online anywhere across Australia.

Safety Committee Refresher Training FAQ

Is It a Legal Requirement to Have a Health and Safety Committee?

It is not a legal requirement to have a Health and Safety Committee unless 5 persons or a HSR in the workplace request it.  In the ACT a Safety Committee is a requirement for major construction projects.  It is not a legal requirement to have Health and Safety Committee training, however, well trained Safety Committees are a true asset to ANY business.  A Health and Safety Committee enables businesses to effectively consult with their workers about how to improve safety practices, standards, procedures and processes leading to a reduction in safety incidents and business disruption.  And of course, improve OHS-WHS legal compliance.


When Is a Health and Safety Committee Required?

A Health and Safety Committee is required when five or more workers or a health and safety representative lodge a request to establish a health and safety committee with the PCBU or Employer.
In the ACT a Safety Committee is required for Major Construction Projects.

Health and Safety Committees are created to assist the PCBU/Employer to improve employees’ safety in the workplace and its compliance with workplace health and safety legislation.  By developing these important areas, they also improve workers morale, business efficiency and reduce expensive workplace disruptions.


How Long is the Term for a Health and Safety Committee?

The term for a health and safety committee varies depending on what is required of them. Some committees form to serve alongside a specific project or resolve pre-determined issues.  Once their aims have been met and they are no longer needed, they can be dissolved.  In most companies, health and safety committees operate in the long term as they are constantly revising and improving the safety standards of their working environment.


What Does a Work Health and Safety Committee Do?

A work health and safety committee is a group of individuals tasked with improving and assisting in the management of the safety standards within their place of work. The committee convenes with management and works directly with employees to identify safety issues and hazards and identify/recommend solutions. This practice aims to reduce the number of incidents within the workplace and provide workers with peace of mind, knowing their safety is being looked after. The work health and safety committee also assists the PCBU/Employer that the workplace is compliant with safety standards and the business is operating in line with the appropriate legislation.


How Long is the Safety Committee Refresher Training Course?

Our Safety Committee Refresher Training runs for approximately 2 hours.

Are There Formal Assessments for The Health and Safety Committee Refresher Training? 

OHS-WHS Committee Refresher Training assessments are informal but important.  The course uses written and multiple-choice questions,  to solidify the understanding of everyone who attends this course.  The key outcome we strive for is to develop students knowledge and skills to effectively carry out their role as a member of a health and safety committee and therefore making a valuable contribution to creating a safe workplace.


How Much Does Health and Safety Committee Refresher Training Cost?

We don’t cut corners on our course development and delivery so you get access to this industry leading, certified safety committee training.  The Online OHS-WHS Committee Training is $279 per person for individual bookings.  For group bookings contact us for a quote.


How Many People Do You Need for a Health and Safety Committee?

You can establish a health and safety committee on your own accord if you identify the need for an effective team to assist in managing safety. Additionally, if a health and safety representative or a group of at least five workers lodge a request with the PCBU/Employer to establish one, a health and safety committee must be established within 2 months.

The number of safety committee members is determined through consultation with workers.  By law, management can nominate up to 50% of safety committee membership.  The safety committee should have management members on it with adequate decision making authority.

Course Fee

Regular Price $279pp for the online self paced option.
For group bookings contact us for a quote or 0243823055