Due Diligence Training 

Work Health & Safety Training Course for CEO’s, Managers & Supervisors

This course is customized to suit the legislation in your State/Territory

At Leading Safety Training, our WHS Due Diligence training course provides industry-leading education for CEO’s, Director and Managers. The 2-hour training course ensures senior management personnel know their duties and obligations as officers of an organisation under the Work Health and Safety Act.

We take pride in delivering our safety training and helping organisations establish safe working environments. At Leading Safety Training, our courses are designed to improve professional working environments by experts with a wealth of industry experience and a passion for sharing their knowledge. Our courses can be delivered online and face to face to cater for various professional and personal needs.

Senior officers must understand the legislation surrounding their positions and the duty of care within their workplace. Our WHS Due Diligence training will cover all the necessary topics and provide expert training for all attendees to effectively and safely manage their workplace.

CEO’s, Directors, General Managers and other employees with considerable authority may be considered an officer of their organisation. Although due diligence training is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. This position comes within significant obligations under the WHS Act, and the legislation can hold officers personally liable for incidents that occur within their workplace.

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WHS Awareness Training for CEO, Directors and Managers

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Our WHS Due diligence training provides senior officers of an organisation with an engaging and informative course that will ensure they are informed about legislative requirements and the professional obligations of their position. As an industry-leading course provider, the 2-hour course has been streamlined to provide expert training that fits in with senior officers’ busy schedules.

After completing this training, senior officers can better look after their employees and protect themselves and the business from potential fines and prosecutions. Awareness of WHS responsibilities and an informed understanding of legal compliance will help these officers develop better workplace practices to ensure all staff’s safety and wellbeing. WHS due diligence training provides a benefit to the individuals attending the course and all members of the officer’s organisation as their informed understanding and training will be evident across the work health and safety management of the workplace.

The course will cover a range of topics surrounding legal compliance and management responsibilities. For many, WHS can be confusing and hard to navigate. Our WHS awareness training provides attendees with a clear and complete understanding. By covering relevant topics and case studies in an engaging format, we can reduce the confusion surrounding the Work Health and Safety Act and better improve the working conditions for organisations and their employees.

WHS Due Diligence Training

Topics Covered in WHS Due Diligence Training

  Work health and Safety (WHS) Law

Key Terminologies, The Legal Framework


  Duty Holders & Due Diligence

Specific Legal Duties for PCBUs, Officers,Workers. Due Diligence and the Duty to Consult


  What is Reasonable and Practicable

What a Court or Regulator will consider to judge whether a Duty Holder has done enough to prevent incidents under the circumstances


How to test whether a Worker has taken Reasonable care

If a Worker causes an incident, an Officer can still be held liable. This section explains why and how to minimize this risk.

Demonstrating Management Commitment

How to demonstrate management commitment and responsibility – OHSMS


  Breaches of the Legislation

Breaches of the legislation, Enforcement action by the WHS regulator or court & penalties


  Actions to consider

Examples of how to get onto the road to legal compliance and how to stay there.


Case studies

A review of relevant recent court cases.

Course Outcomes

  Course Duration

The course runs for approximately 2 hours, Face to Face or live via Zoom



Course assessments are informal.

  Course Award and Handout

Upon completion, a Certificate of Training for WHS Due Diligence. Participants will also receive a course handbook in PDF format. Face to Face student will receive a hard copy.

Industry Leading Due Diligence Training

WHS due diligence training

When you book a WHS course with Leading Safety Training, you can rest assured that you are receiving second to none training. We have been developing and providing safety training for many years and are passionate about helping organisations provide safe working environments for their employees. We also offer training for individuals who wish to develop their understanding of WHS practices for their industry or position. Our WHS training not only improves your safety standards but can improve your business operations as well with improved levels of worker morale, wellbeing and efficiency.

Our WHS awareness training will provide attendees with necessary and relevant training and skills they can apply upon returning to their professional environment. Although assessed informally, the real test for our attendees is using their new insights to improve their workplace and empower their employees and staff. As an experienced safety training provider, we have developed a course that will improve all attendees understanding of WHS requirements and make a positive difference upon returning to their workplace.

For many, WHS can be an afterthought; however, all organisations and officers must be aware of their work health and safety responsibilities. This understanding is important for both employees and the employer to ensure a positive working experience for all. This course has been developed to ensure officers are aware of key duties, how courts and regulators judge WHS outcomes and how to demonstrate management commitments.

WHS Due Diligence FAQ

Where Can I Attend WHS Due Diligence Training?

We deliver our WHS training for CEO’s, Directors and Managers on-site face-to-face training course, live via Zoom Australia wide and 100% online in NSW.


Why is WHS Due Diligence Training Important?

Staff with significant decision-making authority, such as CEO’s, Directors and other executive managers, may be considered officers of their organisation. Officers have substantial responsibilities under the WHS act and are subject to WHS legislation. It is essential to be aware of these duties to ensure workers within the organisation are operating in a safe working environment that meets industry standards. Additionally, without a clear and informed understanding of the WHS legislation, officers and their organisation may be subject to fines and prosecution for failing to meet their duties.


Why Is the Work Health and Safety Act Important?

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act provides clear legislation that ensures all members’ safety and wellbeing within the workplace. It ensures organisations meet minimum standards of care for their employees and are held accountable if they fail to do so. It seeks to make sure everyone feels safe and cared for when in their professional environment.


How Much Does the Course Cost?

Our WHS Due Diligence training typically costs $247pp. However, prices are subject to change depending on where the training is located and the size of the group undertaking the course. We will always provide a transparent and honest pricing model for all enquiries. We will tailor our course and mode of delivery to give you the most beneficial experience for your needs.


How is the Course Assessed?

Our WHS course is assessed informally. Our course providers will provide all the necessary and relevant training so you can apply the skills and information learnt in your professional environment. Our attendees’ real test is using their new insights to empower their workplace after completing their course. As an experienced safety training provider, we have developed a course that will provide officers of an organisation with a complete understanding of WHS requirements and make a positive difference upon returning to their workplace.


How Long is the WHS Awareness Training?

Our course runs for 2 hours. This short course is easily accessible for officers with busy schedules and streamlined to ensure all relevant topics and covered within the short time frame.


Is WHS Due Diligence Training Mandatory?

The course is not mandatory; however, we would highly recommend undertaking this training for officers of an organisation with significant decision-making authority. By undertaking this course, you will be provided with essential information surrounding your duties as an officer and the associated legislative requirements. This learning experience will help you perform your role more effectively and ensure you are complying with legislation that could result in significant fines and imprisonment if breached.


Who Should Complete WHS Due Diligence Training?

CEO’s, General Managers, Directors and other staff members with significant decision-making authority may be considered officers of an organisation.  This course is designed for those considered an officer within their organisation as they are subject to WHS legislation and a duty of care to fulfil in this position. This course provides individuals in positions such as these with the relevant skills and information required to effectively perform their role.

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We are here to help you. Our mission is to help organizations provide a safe working environment for Australia’s 12.6 million Workersand We take pride in delivering only the highest quality courses by highly experienced industry trainers.We are here to help you. Our mission is to help organizations provide a safe working environment for Australia’s 12.6 million Workersand We take pride in delivering only the highest quality courses by highly experienced industry trainers.

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