Health & Safety Committee
+ Chairperson Training

Condensed 4-Hour Health and Safety Committee Training
Plus 2-Hour Chairperson Training

At Leading Safety Training we strive to fit high quality training within your business needs. Our team of industry experts has designed a condensed 4-Hour Safety Committee course offered with our 2-hour Chairperson Training. This condensed course is based on our 1-Day Health & Safety Committee course, which is the only Safety Committee course in Australia aligned with ISO 29993:2017 certification.

Our training program develops Health and Safety Committee members so they can work with other workers in their workplace to reduce safety incidents and improve working conditions. The course also covers legal compliance content and educates attendees in best practices for reporting incidents and reducing disruptions to business operations.

This Chairperson training online course provides participants with the tools, knowledge and skills to successfully chair each stage of a meeting to keep the participants focused, the meeting on track so its objectives are met.

The functions of a Chairperson are explained in detail including the skills required to effectively implement those functions.

This bundled course benefits attendees and the whole workplace as they can share their knowledge and training as they seek to communicate and collaborate with workers to develop better safety standards and practices in their workplace. While also gaining the necessary skills needed to effectively manage communication in their meetings.

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Combine a condensed version of our ISO Certified Health and Safety Course with our Chairperson Training

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4-Hour Safety Committee + 2-Hour Chairperson Training

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Developing Safety Committee Leaders

A Health and Safety Committee act as leaders in the workplace, providing guidance and imparting knowledge to ensure that all members within their working environment can work safely and voice any concerns regarding hazards of issues. As safety training professionals, we are passionate about imparting our expert knowledge to develop these leaders. Our WHS Committee Training helps attendees to accurately understand their roles as committee members and the associated responsibilities with those roles and then provides them with suitable training to effectively carry out their job.

The course covers communication skills to effectively communicate with management, other committee members and fellow employees. Safety Psychology teaching also compliments this subject area so committee members can effectively pass on their knowledge and training and create positive changes in their workplace after they complete the Safety Committee Training Course.

psychosocial risk assessment

Health & Safety Committee Training Topics

  Safety (WHS) Laws

The legal framework, duty holders & consultation under the WHS Act 2011.


 Functions of Safety Committees

Functions of Health and Safety Committees and Chairpersons.


  Communication Skills

Meeting and presentation skills, the 10 Laws of Human Communication, problem-solving skills.


 Emergency Preparedness

Elements of an Emergency Response Plan.

  Risk Management

Hazard identification assessment & control, site safety inspection, WHS programs, OHS Management Systems (OHSMS).


 Incident Investigation

Incident investigation tools and skills.


 Safety Psychology

How to reduce the riskiness of behaviours – review of a real-life case study that achieved a steep decline in incidents.

Chairperson Training Topics

 Introduction & Functions of a Chairperson Pt 1

The value of having a Chairperson & his/her functions leading up to the meeting


 Functions of the Chairperson Pt 2

Functions of the Chairperson during and after the meeting.

 What Makes a Good Chairperson

Communication skills, dealing with different personalities and disruptions


 Body Language and Voice Tonality

Examples of body language and voice tonalities

Course Outcomes

  Course Duration

The bundled course runs for up to 6 hours. 4 hours for the condensed Safety Committee Course. Up to 2 hours for the Chairperson Training Course.



Course assessments are informal and include written/multiple-choice questions, group work, risk management practices.

  Course Handouts

Each participant will receive a 90+ page Health & Safety Committee course handbook & a Chairperson Handout.​


  Course Certification

A certificate of successful completion will be awarded to participants after completion of the Safety Committee Course.
A Certificate of Training will be awarded to participants after completion of Chairperson Training.

Why choose the only Certified Health and Safety Committee Course in Australia aligned with ISO 29993:2017?

The Benchmark

ISO 29993:2017 aligned certification is proof this course meets industry recognized world class best practice for learning services.


Independent certification demonstrates excellent value for money and a sound investment.


This course covers more ground compared to HSR courses and similar Units of Competency.


The Only Certified Australian Health and Safety Committee Course aligned with ISO 29993:2017

Why Bother with Chairperson Training?

Why bother with Chairperson training?

During committee or team meetings, often employees from different areas of the business will attend and depending on the need of the organization, meetings may occur monthly, or, for example, if you are part of a Safety Committee some regulators may require you to meet at least every 3 months..

Team meetings may usually take around 1 – 2 hours.  So, in the scheme of things, this really is not a lot of time.

Therefore, to use this time efficiently, an extra level of discipline and focus is required to ensure that these meetings deliver tangible results and do not become irrelevant talkfests or in some cases, even becoming legal liabilities for the organization.

So to ensure meeting objectives are met, someone needs to take on the role of the chairperson to ensure that:

  • all business topics are discussed in line with a timed agenda,
  • everyone’s views are heard and discussed and
  • that clear actions are identified and allocated to appropriate personnel.

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Health & Safety Committee & Chairperson Bundle FAQ

What Does a Work Health and Safety Committee Do?

A work health and safety committee is a team of individuals dedicated to managing and improving safety standards within their workplace. They collaborate with management and working peers to minimise safety incidents and hazards present within the workplace. Improving safety standards provides workers with peace of mind and ensures they can go home safe and feel protected at work. Another function of the committee is to give counsel and apply their understanding of health and safety legislation to ensure legal compliance and the integrity of the business.


When Is a Health and Safety Committee Required?

A Health and Safety Committee is required when a group of five or more workers or a health and safety representative express the desire to have one established.


Why Are Health and Safety Committees Formed?

Health and Safety Committees are formed to ensure employees’ safety within the workplace and compliance of the business when it comes to workplace health and safety legislation. By improving these aspects, a committee also serves to reduce expensive business disruptions and improve efficiency and morale in the workplace.


How Many Employees Do You Need for a Health and Safety Committee?

A health and safety committee can be self-established if you feel the motivation and need to establish an effective team to manage safety. It can also be established at the request of five or more workers or a Health and Safety Representative. After this request, there is a two-month period to establish the committee.


How Long is the Term for a Health and Safety Committee?

A committee can operate long term or to serve a specific purpose. For example, a committee can be established to develop guidelines and practices for a new job or work system and dissolve itself when the objectives have been completed.


Is It a Legal Requirement to Have a Health and Safety Committee?

Having a dedicated health and safety committee is not a legal requirement in Australia. However, it is highly recommended for many workplaces as a health and safety committee allows businesses to collaborate with workers to improve safety practices, procedures and guidelines to ensure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day. A committee is beneficial in large businesses where they may be multiple working groups and safety considerations that need to be applied across the board.


How is the Course Assessed?

Assessments for the WHS Committee Training are informal but important. We use written and multiple-choice questions, group work and practical risk management scenarios to consolidate the knowledge of all who attend our 1- day course.

While these assessments play an important role, the most important outcome is that you can implement your newfound knowledge and skills upon returning to the workplace. As a member of a health and safety committee, it is important that you can complete your duties to benefit those within your workplace and have the confidence to navigate the various requirements and legislation associated with the position.


What Will the Condensed Safety Committee Training Cover

The 4-hour condensed course will cover a variety of topics throughout the training session. These topics include the safety legislation and duties regarding a health and safety committee, developing meeting and presentation skills, reducing risky behaviours with safety psychology training, risk management and incident investigation tools and emergency preparedness. While these are the critical topics outlined for the course, each subject will be covered in-depth and have other associated topics related with them.

Each participant will also receive a 90 plus page handbook and various safety documents to take away with them for further study and revision.


How Long is the Condensed Safety Committee Training Course?

Our condensed Health and Safety Committee Training is a 4-hour course bundled with our 2-hour Chairperson Training course.

While it is short, we have designed this course to cover many key topic areas throughout the day. We have done this to provide an approach that is accessible and does not require too much time away from work, yet still provides you with the appropriate training and skill development.


What is the benefit of Chairperson Training?

Designed from our 20 years of workplace experience, the Chairperson Training is an intensive skills based training program. Providing communication skills and examples of body language and voice tonalities to improve control of communication in your meetings.