White Card

Course Code: CPCCWHS1001

Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry

Looking for reliable and certified white card Sydney training? You’ve come to the right place.

As per construction industry requirements, white cards are essential for anyone planning to work on site. Our course not only provides the required training to meet industry regulation but provide an engaging experience that provides valuable and expert training to our students. If you need a white card in Sydney, we’ve got you covered with the best white card training Sydney has to offer.

At Leading Safety Training, we are passionate about reducing risk for workers in the construction industry.

Providing a Safe Work NSW approved course, we provide you with the training and knowledge to not only keep you safe in the workplace but also ensure you reduce the risk of accidents to those around you. Our exceptional health and safety training programs such as our white card course Sydney empower individuals to create safe workplaces.


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Course delivered by Coastal OHS Services RTO No 91577

1 Day

Completed in 6.5 hours

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Leading Safety Training are recognised both nationally and as an approved white card Sydney Supplier by the NSW Government, so you can rest assured our training will provide you with everything you need to know about workplace health and safety.

Whether you’re a young student starting out in the industry, or a veteran refreshing their training, it is our foremost priority to deliver engaging and informative courses to keep you safe on the job. As a certified white card supplier, we can get you trained up and ready for work with our course that takes less than a full day to complete. Our instructors have an abundant of industry experience, qualifications, integrity and interpersonal skills to make sure you get the most out of your course.

We also provide white card training to over 150 high schools across NSW and operate public courses out of Gosford, Central Coast, Newcastle, Charlestown, Singleton, Wollongong, Sutherland, Hornsby Penrith and Parramatta. We can also deliver these courses on-site anywhere in NSW.

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What’s Involved in White Card Training in Sydney?


Identify construction hazards and risk control measures.



Identify health and safety communication and reporting processes.


Identify health and safety legislative requirements of construction work.

Course Outcomes

  Course Duration

Minimum Course Duration is 6 hours, 45 minutes. The course time includes two fifteen-minute breaks.



The course includes written, verbal, and practical assessments.

  Course Awards

Students who complete the course get a Statement of Attainment and SafeWork NSW Statement of Training. The SafeWork NSW Statement of Training allows participants to work straight away, and SafeWork NSW will send out their White Card within 60 days.

Course Requirements

Evidence of Identity

The minimum participant age for the course is 14 years old. A school Photo ID Card can confirm evidence of identity for high school students. Any other participants wishing to attend must bring 100 points of identity. The documents are audited at the beginning of the course. The following combinations are accepted:

• High School Students only – School Photo ID Card or
• Passport plus Australian driver’s license or
• Full Australian birth certificate plus Australian driver’s license or
• Australian driver’s license plus Medicare card plus bank card plus a utility bill or phone bill or car rego papers.

Please visit the SafeWork Australia Evidence of Identity guide for more information.

Student Information

Before booking a course, you should be aware of our refund policy, complaints/appeals processes, student support, your responsibilities and rights as a student. This information and more is available on our Student Information page. Please let us know, before enrolment, about any special needs you may have for you to successfully complete your course. You may wish to attempt a Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) assessment to find out if you need special support. This LLN assessment is available on request. We may ask you to complete this LLN assessment before course enrolment.

Unique Student Identifier

The Australian Government requires ALL students to register for a Unique Student Identifier (USI). It is easy and fast to do. Students must bring their USI number to the course, including the exact name they used to register for the USI. A White Card or Statement of Attainment can not be issued unless a valid USI is received.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get A White Card in Sydney?

Attaining a white card Sydney is relatively straight forward – all you have to do is book in with Leading Safety Training and we’ll take care of the rest! We offer a white card course Sydney and all throughout NSW. We can deliver these through our physical locations for face-to-face training or supply online training via Zoom.

Taking less than a full day to complete, the course for attaining a white card will take you through basic construction health and safety training. This course is mandatory for anyone who works and wishes to work in the construction industry and has been previously known as the Blue Card, Red Card or Green Card course.

You will need to undertake general construction induction training with a certified training organisation, like Leading Safety Training to get a white card. To verify your important details and be eligible for the course, you’ll need 100 points of identification to verify your important details.


Who Needs A White Card?

In Sydney and all over NSW, a valid white card is required by anyone who works in the construction industry. This includes labourers, surveyors, tradespeople and even site managers. A white card is also required by individuals who access operational construction zones unaccompanied and not directly supervised. In addition to this, individuals whose employment causes them to enter operational construction sites on a routine basis will also need undertake white card course Sydney training and receive a white card.


How Long Does A White Card Last in Sydney?

Great News! Once you receive your white card it won’t expire until you finish working in the industry, under the current legislation. Once you have been certified with your white card, it will remain valid while you continue to operate in the construction industry. That being said, if you spend two consecutive years without working in the construction industry you will need to complete a new set of training and refresh your knowledge to renew your white card.


What Is A White Card Used For?

A white card, also referred to as a general construction induction card, is a mandatory card required by all workers who operate on a construction site in Sydney. The white card course Sydney comprises of important topics about health and safety in the workplace. Having the appropriate training and white card accreditation means less risk of experiencing an accident on-site, or indeed, causing one.

Also known as a general construction induction card, your white card in Sydney is a mandatory card required by all individuals who work on a construction site. The white card training Sydney course covers important subject matter about health and safety in the workplace. This process of training and accreditation ensures there is less risk of on-site accidents through individual and collective education.

Students must demonstrate a personal awareness of Work Health & Safety legislative requirements, the basics of risks management and injury and illness prevention best practices in the construction sector. The purpose of this training is to eliminate risks that cause injuries and fatalities in the workplace to raise awareness of the best practices while operating on construction sites.


Can I Get A White Card in Sydney, Online?

If you’re located in Sydney, you can obtain a white card by completing the course over virtual training, with Zoom. We offer our white card Sydney course both face to face and online via Zoom at Leading Safety Training.


Can I Get A White Card During COVID-19?

The pandemic hasn’t halted our passion for safety and deliveries of white card. You can still get your white card during COVID-19. We are taking extra precautions for our students and trainers to maintain a safe, healthy and protected learning environment in Sydney and across the State. Our physical locations are now back up and running, as well as our virtual courses. You can now complete the course for white card attainment via Zoom.