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OHS Short Courses Melbourne Provided by Coastal OHS

Looking to make your workplace safer, more secure and certified? Well, Leading Safety Training  OHS short courses Melbourne are here to help.

Committed to a passion for workplace health and safety, we have developed and offer a number of courses across many occupations and industries in Melbourne. Our quality training focuses on the development of student’s knowledge of safe working practices, communication skills and awareness of WHS legislation. We believe in the widespread education of our training programs as they are designed to improve the working conditions of the millions of Australian workers.

Our OHS Courses Online Melbourne wide training mean that you can access our expert training, regardless of where you’re located in Victoria.

We can provide on-site training for your whole team. Our catering of courses run anywhere from a few hours to a whole day. At the heart of our training is equipping our students with the confidence and skills to apply their learning and theory in the workplace. This not only ensures the safety of the individual but all of those working in the surrounding environment. Leading Safety provide Melbourne courses that service everyone from entry level tradespeople to established CEOs.

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OHS Courses Online Melbourne

There are a number of industries in Australia that require mandatory and recommended safety training. We believe that within our OHS short courses Melbourne offering, we’ve got a course to suit every type of worker in Melbourne. We’re committed to educating those in Melbourne and hold the belief that all it takes is regular education in workplace and health and safety, to ensure a safe working environment for all.

While not all safety courses are mandatory in Melbourne, for many industries and workplaces, occupational health and safety is a key component of every day operations.

OHS training in Melbourne is essential in all industries and occupations to not only ensure the safety of workers, but also to increase a business’s adherence and awareness of legislation and reporting requirements. To put it simply, OHS courses Melbourne training could be the difference between a hazardous working environment, and a safe one. Here at Leading Safety Training, we are pleased to present a variety of OHS courses that are applicable to Victorian and Melbourne workers of all occupations.

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What’s Involved in OHS Courses Online Melbourne?


Students will develop the ability to communicate and report health and safety principles present in their workplaces and present vital issues.



Our OHS short courses Melbourne typically teach to allow students to recognise workplace hazards and control risks associated with dangerous working environments, in accordance with VIC legislation & SafeWork VIC.


Throughout each course, Leading Safety Training will highlight health and safety Melbourne legislative regulations of different types of work and best practice meet these requirements in your workplace.

Course Outcomes


Leading Safety Training assessments may include written, verbal and practical evaluations. All quality OHS Short Courses Melbourne training will include a course assessment of some sort.



Course Awards

Upon completion, students may acquire an industry-recognised certificate that qualifies them for the workplace almost immediately, depending on the Melbourne course completed.

  Course Duration

Course duration will depend on the enrolment program. For example, our Health and Safety Rep training runs for 5 days. However, the average white card course can be completed in a day’s work.

Melbourne Student Information

OHS Short Courses Melbourne

Student Resources

At Leading Safety Training, our students are our main priority. We have an online page dedicated to Student Information that outlines your responsibilities and rights as a student. We request that all prospective students become familiar with our refund policy, appeals processes and student support resources before booking the required Work Health & Safety Course course.

Leading Safety Training are dedicated to student success and support participants with special needs. We provide a Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) assessment, which helps us to identify students requiring additional support to complete the course. We encourage students to contact us about special needs before course enrolment to ensure we allocate necessary resources to your training.

Student Registration

For many of our Melbourne courses, the Australian Government requires students to register for a Unique Student Identifier (USI), which is fast and straightforward to complete online. Students must bring their USI number to the course. Certification in the respected field will not be issued unless a valid USI is received.

Occupational Health & Safety Melbourne FAQ

What Do OHS Courses Online Melbourne Typically Cover?

We provide Melbourne OHS training that will go through topics such as:

  • Incident Investigation
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Communication Skills
  • Safety Psychology
  • Risk Management

These are but a few of the many workplace health and safety topics incorporated into our OHS courses. If you have any additional questions you would like to ask throughout your course, do not hesitate to ask one of our knowledgeable educators. The team at Leading Safety Training can provide you with the knowledge and resources to get the most out of your training.


Are OHS Courses Only for Construction Workers?

As well as safety on job sites, OHS short courses Melbourne are also important for upper-level supervisors in all organisations to develop an informed understanding of workplace health and safety and their responsibility as key decision-makers. These managers may be placed as an officer of the organisation and failure to meet the duties of their position according to the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act could result in significant fines or even imprisonment.

Our OHS courses online Melbourne will provide you with all the necessary training required of your role or industry with Leading Safety Training. If you’re not sure which course is most appropriate for you, we can help you enrol in the most suitable training. Our courses accredited by SafeWork VIC are developed by experienced and highly knowledgeable WHS Melbourne practitioners. You can count on your educator to provide you with thorough and practical explanations on all things from basic terminology to complex legislative matters.

We always strive to provide a safe working environment for countless Australian workers. The Leading Safety Team are passionate about providing invaluable courses delivered by OHS short courses Melbourne experts.


Can I Get OHS Certified Online?

With our OHS courses online Melbourne training, it has never been easier to conduct your training and accreditation online. We have adapted our Melbourne OHS short courses and produced them to be easily accessible online.

If you require a flexible learning setting, we can produce a significant amount of our training and certification online, via Zoom.


How Do I Register for OHS Training in Melbourne?

Registering for any of our OHS Melbourne training courses is a straightforward process with Leading Safety Training. All you’re required to do is:

  1. Choose your course
  2. Register online
  3. Verify 100 points of ID (if required)
  4. Let us know if you have any special requirements
  5. Register for Unique Student Identifier

After that, you’re all set!


How Much Does It Cost to Get OHS Certified?

We deliver a variety of OHS short courses Melbourne training programs, all with varying costs. However, we guarantee that we will consistently deliver a fair and honest price.

At Leading Safety Training, you will never be hit with any additional fees or extra charges. Our focus is always on delivering quality courses to our customers that provide value in learning and cost. Our priority is always on empowering hard-working Australians across multiple industries and professions.


What Is OHS Certification Used For?

OHS accreditations provide formal verification to governing bodies of an individual’s knowledge and skills in Melbourne OHS practices. Some industries and professions demand compulsory OHS training, whilst for others, it is an added benefit. At Leading Safety Training, our calling is to ensure your safety when entering any workplace through our OHS courses online Melbourne training.

OHS certification and training have been put in place to reduce workplace risks that may result in severe injuries or fatalities. We are dedicated to securing the safety of our students and peace of mind for their family and friends. We also push for safer working circumstances across industries and highlight unsafe workplace behaviours. After completing our training, students will be able to apply their theoretical and practical knowledge within their respective industries.

Our many courses provide industry-leading safety training tailored to specific occupations and industries. Once you complete our training, you will be awarded the appropriate certifications. More importantly, you will have the confidence and ability to improve the working conditions for yourself and those around you.


Can I Get WHS Certified During COVID-19?

The pandemic hasn’t stopped our passion for ensuring your safety and delivering our OHS training in Melbourne. We have taken extra precautions in our physical locations to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We provide online OHS short courses Melbourne so you can still conduct your training and receive certification regardless of the current circumstances.