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If you’re looking to complete an OHS course online, you’ve come to the right place.

Leading Safety Training provides certified online WHS training, focusing on valuable safety training for those planning to work in various settings. The purpose of our WHS courses online training is to provide all types of workers with the proper education and training in workplace health and safety. Our goal is to empower workers with the security, knowledge, and certifications required to operate safely and minimise risk in their respective industries.

OHS course online completion will provide you with the qualifications you need to adequately adhere to national health and safety standards.

Leading Safety Training is committed to providing our students with an engaging course that delivers valuable and expert training. We work with leading professionals who are experts and able to capture the sustained attention of students. Our courses are Safe Work NSW approved, so you can be confident that the information we provide throughout all online WHS training is relevant and meets industry regulations. Keep yourself and others safe in the workplace with Leading Safety Training.

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Expert Work Health & Safety Training

Leading Safety Training is Australia’s most reliable provider of OHS course online training. We are a nationally recognised OHS training supplier and pride ourselves in providing comprehensive training for all regarding workplace health and safety requirements. Our courses are NSW Government approved, so you can be confident in our ability to offer reputable online WHS training.

Leading Safety Training are first and foremost experts in our field. As trainers, we prioritise our students by delivering engaging and informative courses. We have provided a number of OHS courses online for our student’s convenience so you can get ready to work in no time.

Whether you’re fresh to the workforce or a seasoned professional in your industry, Leading Safety Training are a highly regarded provider of WHS courses online. Our instructors have gained a wealth of industry experience and qualifications. More importantly, our instructors have high integrity and sophisticated interpersonal skills. Maximise results from your OHS course online with Leading Safety Training today.

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What’s Involved in OHS Course Online Training?


Online WHS training will allow students to recognise workplace hazards and control risks associated with dangerous working environments.



Students will develop the ability to communicate and report health and safety standards within their workplaces and present vital issues.


Throughout each course, Leading Safety Training will outline health and safety legislative regulations of various types of work and how to meet these requirements in your workplace.

Course Outcomes

  Course Duration

Course duration will depend on the enrolment program. For example, the average duration for a white card course via Zoom is 6 hours and 45 minutes. That’s less than the average workday! Other online courses can take as little as one hour!



All quality online WHS training will include a course assessment. Leading Safety Training assessments may include written, verbal and practical evaluations.

  Course Awards

Upon completion, students may acquire an industry-recognised certificate that qualifies them for the workplace almost immediately, depending on the online course completed.

Student Information

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Student Resources

At Leading Safety Training, our students are our main priority. We have an online page dedicated to Student Information that outlines your responsibilities and rights as a student. We request that all prospective students become familiar with our refund policy, appeals processes and student support resources before booking the OHS course online.

Leading Safety Training are dedicated to student success and support participants with special needs. We provide a Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) assessment, which helps us to identify students requiring additional support to complete the course. We encourage students to contact us about special needs before course enrolment to ensure we allocate necessary resources to your training.

Student Registration

For many of our online courses, the Australian Government requires students to register for a Unique Student Identifier (USI), which is fast and straightforward to complete online. Students must bring their USI number to the course. Certification in the respected field will not be issued unless a valid USI is received.

OHS Course Online Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get OHS Certified Online?

Great news for anyone who requires flexible learning arrangements – you can acquire some OHS certification online! Most of the courses at Leading Safety Training are available online or via Zoom.

Leading Safety Training understand that most people want to get back to work as soon as possible. That’s why we don’t waste a second of your time throughout the coursework. We provide quality, nationally recognised training courses without cutting corners. In simple terms, we get straight to the point of the course so that our students become qualified as soon as possible.


How Do I Get an Online WHS Training Certificate?

Enrolling on WHS courses online is easy with Leading Safety Training. Follow these easy steps to register:

  1. Book in online
  2. Provide 100 points of ID (if required)
  3. Inform our team of any special requirements
  4. Apply for Unique Student Identifier

Then you’re set to go! Online WHS training is mandatory for many different industry workers. Our courses outline all of the health and safety training you need to conduct your tasks safely in the workplace.

Leading Safety Training is Safe Work NSW approved, so you can be confident that the safety training on offer meets industry requirements. We’re committed to providing the most convenient experience for our students and delivering engaging coursework with leading experts along the way.


Can I Get OHS Certified During COVID-19?

Workers can still get OHS Certified online despite the pandemic. The wellbeing of our students remains our priority at Leading Safety Training. We’ve taken extra steps to ensure a safe and protected learning environment for our students and trainers.

Our online virtual training is ideal for remote learning. You can now complete most WHS courses via Zoom without having to come into face-to-face contact with anyone. COVID-19 won’t diffuse our eagerness to support safer workplaces for all Australian industries.


How Much Does It Cost to Get OHS Certified?

At Leading Safety Training, we offer upfront and honest pricing for OHS courses. We remain focussed on empowering the industries across Australia to lead with safer workplaces. Our priority is educating students and ensuring that they can work safely across all industry applications. That’s why we have a completely transparent price policy with no hidden fees or extra charges attached to our courses. Whichever course you decide to undertake, we’ll make sure you’re well aware of the pricing before you begin.


What Is OHS Certification Typically Used For?

Depending on the course, an OHS certification signals to authorities that you are a skilled and knowledgeable individual capable of handling workplace health and safety issues. OHS certifications are a mandatory requirement in some industries or job positions, whereas in others, it’s an additional badge that professionals can wear with honour. Leading Safety Training is committed to ensuring that all participants feel safe and supported when entering the workforce through our OHS online course.

The goals of OHS Certification are to eliminate risks within your industry that can cause severe injury or, in extreme circumstances, fatalities. Leading Safety Training is committed to raising awareness of irresponsible workplace behaviour and advocating safer working conditions across various industries, whether it be construction or a corporate environment. Upon completing the course, students will display understanding by assessing Work Health & Safety legislative requirements, risks management, injury, and illness prevention best practices within their respective industries.

The course at Leading Safety Training comprises of important topics about health and safety in the workplace. Our course’s key topics include hazards training, due diligence procedures, communication, and legislation training. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a SafeWork NSW Statement of Training. Better yet, you’ll feel confident within the workplace to identify any risks or dangerous behaviour and have the ability to communicate effectively and report on them. The outcome of achieving the safety certification is less risk of experiencing an accident on-site, or worse, causing one.