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Looking for the best HSR Training SafeWork NSW course for your Health & Safety Rep? You’ve come to the right place.

Here at Leading Safety Training, we deliver exceptional Health and Safety Representative Training NSW courses to those who operate as their company’s safety representative. A SafeWork NSW approved course, our Health and Safety Representative Training in NSW is frequently available, offered at affordable rates, and conducted by some of the leading training professionals across the state of NSW. Book your HSR Training SafeWork NSW with Leading Safety today.

Leading Safety Training deliver a HSR Training SafeWork NSW course that equips representatives with knowledge, skill and protection.

The role of a Health and Safety Representative is to identify all health and safety concerns with an organisation, liaises with workers on-site and communicate all safety concerns to upper management. As such, it’s essential that your health and safety representative is knowledgeable, well-versed in operations safety and equipped with the correct skills to ensure a safe workplace. Essentially, we make sure that each health and safety representative is left with the highest level of training.

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Initial HSR Training

5 Day NSW SafeWork Approved Course

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The HSR Training SafeWork NSW Experts 

We understand the importance of strong health and safety representation. A SafeWork NSW Approved Course, the five day health & safety rep training delivered by Coastal OHS ensures that all representatives are comprehensively trained.

We empower representatives to create safe and healthy working environments in their respective organisations across NSW. By delivering fantastic Health and Safety Representative Training NSW programs, we equip representatives with the valuable knowledge, skill and awareness necessary to ensure an incident and disruption-free workplace.

As a Health and Safety Representative in NSW, you will offer invaluable contributions to offer a safer environment for you, your fellow workers, management and anyone else operating and interacting with your company in NSW. As a direct result of your position and duties, your company will become more successful due to reduced operation disruption and a decline in incident rates.

The HSR Training SafeWork NSW course provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil their role as a Health and Safety Representative in NSW. Through Leading Safety Training, students attend the NSW course through Coastal OHS; a SafeWork NSW approved training provider. Compliant under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, our professional and experienced teachers deliver Health and Safety Representative Training in NSW for all those who wish to complete and become a Representative in NSW.

HSR Training

What’s Involved in the 5 Day HSR Training SafeWork NSW?

Day 1

Interpreting the WHS legislative framework

Day one of representative training includes discussing the key parties within each organisation, their legislative obligations and health and safety duties in NSW.


Day 2

Establishing representation in the workplace

It’s important to note the required representation in each workplace: Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs), Health and Safety Committees (HSCs) and other arrangements in NSW.


Day 3

Participating in effective consultation

We outline managing negotiation, issue resolution and contributing to the minimisation of risks in the workplace.

Day 4

Monitoring PCBU’s management of WHS risks

Health & Safety Representatives must be well versed in risk management and control, including workplace inspections, notifiable incidents and incident investigation protocols in NSW.


Day 5

Issuing of Provisional Improvement Notices

The 5 Day HSR Training SafeWork NSW will outline and break down PINs and directing the cessation of unsafe work.

Course Outcomes

  Course Duration

The Health and Safety Representative Training in NSW runs over 5 Days. The course duration is 6.5 hours each day. This applies to both face-to-face & Zoom HSR training.



Course assessment of Health and Safety Representation Training is informal.

  Course Awards

An HSR training course certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants who complete the 5 day course in NSW. The course & 5 Day HSR Training is NSW SafeWork Approved.

HSR Course NSW

Health and Safety Representative Training NSW

Health and Safety Representative Training in NSW is a crucial component of ensuring that your organisation is equipped with someone who is versed in the correct knowledge, skill, and safety protocols to effectively manage any company’s risks.

At Leading Safety Training, we deliver exceptional a HSR Training SafeWork NSW – this training specifically addresses the initial course that is involved in becoming a Health and Safety Representative in NSW. However, we also offer our existing students with the HSR refresher training – a course that each representative is entitled to each year of their tenure in NSW.

HSR Training SafeWork NSW FAQ

Is HSR Training Mandatory in NSW?

In NSW and NSW, it is not mandatory to have a Health and Safety Representative. In other Australian states, legislation varies. For example, in Queensland, it is compulsory to elect and have a Health and Safety Representative.

In NSW, if a worker requests an HSR, then work groups must be first assembled to allow for the successful election of representation. From there, the PCBU consults with the HSR going forward. It is not compulsory to have an individual within your workplace undergo HSR training in NSW; however, Health and Safety Representative Training in NSW are strongly recommended for the sole reason of effective and comprehensive health and safety management.


What Is a Health and Safety Representative?

Health and Safety Representatives (commonly referred to as HSRs) are workers who have been elected to represent the health and safety interests of a workgroup. A significant component of health and safety representation in NSW is communication – the training for HSRs in NSW centres on communicating with managers, business owners, workers and others around the health and safety concerns within a workplace.


How Much Does the HSR Training SafeWork NSW Cost?

At Leading Safety Training, our five-day health and safety representative training in NSW costs $879 for public courses and is facilitated through our sister company, Coastal OHS; a SafeWork approved course provider. We also offer on-site delivery of representative Training across NSW and the state. If you’d like to learn more about our on-site training course prices in NSW, contact our team today for a total price breakdown.


What Are the Duties of a Health & Safety Representative in NSW?

  • Represent the interests and concerns of the workgroup
  • Successful communication between management, workgroup and PCBU
  • Identify potential hazards, risks and dangers in the workplace
  • Conduct health and safety audits
  • Make recommendations regarding health and safety
  • Direct unsafe work to halt if they have reason to believe that someone is at risk
  • Investigate any incidents
  • Conduct regular inspections
  • Issue a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) in the case of a WHS breach
  • Attend Health and Safety Committee Meetings in NSW


How Do You Become a Health and Safety Representative in NSW?

You become a health and safety representative within your workplace by being elected within the workplace by a working group of individuals.

As the health and safety representative will act for and represent people in a working group, the working group will elect a representative to take on the role of HSR. Workers only elect an HSR within a workplace after an agreement on the workgroups has been reached. All workers are entitled to select one or more Health and Safety Representatives and deputy HSRs for a three-year term.

Representatives are to then ensure they are well trained with an HSR Training SafeWork NSW. Training will cover everything from the legislative framework, key WHS terminology, penalties for non-compliance, how to resolve WHS concerns, incident notification and investigation, and issuing PINS and directing unsafe work to cease.


Can I Take A HSR Training SafeWork NSW Online?

Yes! Here at Leading Safety Training, we’ve adapted our course offerings to facilitate successful health and safety representative training in NSW via Zoom. The traditionally face-to-face course can be conducted on-site or completed via virtual Training on Zoom with an NSW-based teacher.

We will deliver these courses on-site ANYWHERE in NSW. Contact us for a quotation.

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HSR training is delivered through our sister company Coastal OHS Services.

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