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HSR Training

Comcare Approved 5 day and 1 day refresher Health & Safety Representative (HSR) Training Anywhere in Australia
This course is designed for Federal Government agencies

At Leading Safety Training, we deliver Health and Safety Representative Training for federal government agencies, approved by Comcare. Our trainers can deliver the 5-day HSR and 1 day refresher courses onsite or live via Zoom.

A health and safety representative’s (HSR) role includes identifying health and safety concerns within their work group, consulting with staff on-site, and reporting all safety issues to management. Fellow workers elect work Health and Safety Representatives to represent the work group. A HSR is entitled to undergo the initial five-day training to ensure they are knowledgeable and equipped with all relevant safety knowledge and skills.

Leading Safety Training provides WHS training to ensure that course participants understand their role and are competent as a health and safety representative.

Safety representatives make an invaluable contribution to helping create a safer environment for you, their fellow workers, management and anyone else operating and interacting within their organisation. As a direct result of the position and functions, your business will become more successful due to a reduction in incident rates and other operational disruptions.

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HSR Initial Training

5 Day Comcare Approved Course

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Building Safer Workplaces

Leading Safety Training aims to empower representatives to foster safe and healthy working environments in their respective organisations. Through the delivery of the initial HSR training courses, we equip representatives with the valuable knowledge, skill, and awareness necessary to contribute to incident and disruption-reduction in the workplace in line with WHS legislation.

The HSR course provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil their role as a Health & Safety Representative in the Commonwealth jurisdiction. Leading Safety Training students participate in the initial training course through our RTO Coastal OHS Services. Compliant under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, our industry trainers deliver a Comcare approved initial five day training course for those who are an elected HSR for their work group.

HSR Training

What’s Involved in 5 Day HSR Training?

Day 1

Interpreting the WHS Legislative Framework and its Relationship to the HSR and Identifying Key Parties, Legislative Obligations and Duties.

Duties and obligations of all in the workplace.


Day 2

Establishing Representation in the Workplace

Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs), Health and Safety Committees (HSCs) and other arrangements


Day 3

Participating in Consultation and Issues Resolution

Negotiation, issue resolution and contributing to the minimisation of risks

Day 4

Represent Members in the WHS Risk Management Process Undertaken by the PCBU

Workplace inspections, notifiable incidents and incident investigation


Day 5

Issuing a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) and Directing the Cessation of Work

PINs and directing the cessation of unsafe work

Course Outcomes

  Course Duration

The training course runs over 5 Days. The course duration is scheduled for 7 hours each day. This applies to both face-to-face & Teams training.



Course assessment of Health and Safety Representation Training is informal.

  Course Awards

A HSR training certificate will be issued to all participants who complete the 5-day course.

Good Safety is Good for Business

Health and Safety Representative training is an important step in ensuring that your workplace is compliant with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011.

Our initial HSR course includes intensive training to develop representatives who become competent over a range of subjects and components pertaining to workplace health and safety.

Trained and informed Health & Safety representatives can drive down costly incidents and improve morale, resulting in better quality and efficiency. A Health and Safety Representative can have a significant impact on achieving benefits to their companies performance.

HSR Training

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Health and Safety Representative?

A Health and Safety Representative, or HSR, is a worker who has been elected to represent the health and safety interests of their work group. 

Work health and safety is critical to any workplace in Australia. The Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training provides a wide range of learning outcomes aimed to identify and address safety issues faced in the workplace.

How Do You Become a Health and Safety Representative?

You become a health and safety representative within your workplace by being elected by the workers in your work group.

As the representative, you can act for and represent people in your work group.  The work group members will elect a representative to take on the role of HSR. 

Workers only elect a HSR within the workplace after an agreement on the number and make up of work groups has been reached. All work group members are entitled to vote for one or more HSRs and deputy HSRs for a three-year term.

Is Health and Safety Representative Training Mandatory in Australia?

HSR training is not compulsory in Australia, it is an entitlement. This means that if an elected HSR requests HSR training a PCBU must allow the HSR to undertake that training.

An elected HSR must have completed approved HSR training in order to exercise some of the powers of a HSR.

HSR training is strongly recommended for the sole reason of supporting effective health and safety management.

What are the duties of an elected HSR?

HSRs do NOT have duties under the WHS Act.  Instead they have functions and powers.

HSRs can therefore not be held personally liable for anything done in good faith.

HSR functions and powers include:

  • Communication between management and work group members
  • Identify potential hazards, risks in the workplace
  • Conduct health and safety workplace inspections
  • Make recommendations regarding health and safety improvements
  • Direct unsafe work to cease if they have reason to believe that someone is at imminent risk of a serious injury
  • Investigate any incidents
  • Monitor WHS measures taken by the PCBU
  • Issue a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) in the case of a suspected WHS breach
  • Be a member of a Health and Safety Committee and attend  its meetings

Is there online HSR Training?

Our RTO Coastal OHS Services provides HSR Training courses online via Zoom. Courses are commonly delivered 5-days over a week duration or 1 day a week over a 5 week duration. The course must be completed within 6 months of commencement. 

What is the cost of the 5-Day Initial HSR Course in Australia?

The Comcare approved Initial 5 Day HSR course fee depends on the number of participants, the format and location of the training.  Contact our team for a quote.

We will deliver these courses on-site ANYWHERE in Australia. Contact us for a quotation.

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