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Training for CEOs, Directors & Managers

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WHS Due Diligence Training for CEOs, Directors and Managers
100% OnLine – NSW Edition

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Work Health and Safety (WHS) Laws make Officers (Directors, CEOs, Senior Managers) personally liable for legal compliance of the organization and requires them to exercise Due Diligence.

Officer Due Diligence is clearly defined in the WHS Act and requires you to be active and pro-active in safety management.

Breaches of this law could result in personal fines of up to
$600,000 and/or up to 5 years in jail.

This WHS for CEOs, Directors and Managers course explains what your legal duties are and how to get on the road of legal compliance.

              • Straight to the point. No fuss – No fluff – Just the facts
              • Start – Stop – Continue anytime that suits you.
              • 100% online and can be completed in less than 1 hour.

Work Health and Safety (WHS) for CEOs, Directors and Managers


"" Work Health and Safety (WHS) Law

Key terminologies, The Legal Framework

"" Duty Holders and Due Diligence

Specific legal duties for PCBUs including the duty to consult, Due Diligence for Officers, duties of Workers and Others.

"" What is Reasonable and Practicable

An explanation of what a court or regulator will consider to judge whether a person has done everything reasonable and practicable to avoid incidents in the workplace

"" How to Test whether a Worker has taken Reasonable Care

If a Worker causes an incident, an Officer can still be held liable. This section explains why and how to minimize this risk.

"" Demonstrating Management Commitment

How to demonstrate management commitment and responsibility – OHSMS

"" Breaches of the Legislation

Breaches of the legislation, Enforcement action by the WHS regulator or court & penalties

"" Actions to Consider

Examples of how to get onto the road of legal compliance and how to stay there.

"" Case Studies

A review of relevant recent court cases.


"" Resources

Participants can download course notes in PDF format.

"" Assessment

Course assessments are informal and include mix & match and multiple choice questions.

"" Course Award

Certificate of Training which can be downloaded after course completion.

"" Course Duration

This course can be completed within 1 hour and is 100% Online

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